Graphic Designer                    Freelance Graphic Design                                                  Multiple Locations

August 2014- Present

Working with multiple clients across a range of industries to provide digital/print marketing materials including but not limited to; email marketing, print and website design, photography, videography and other touchpoint communications.                          

Technical Specialist                                  Apple Store Fashion Valley                                       San Diego, CA

June 2016-Present

Technical Support specialist at Apple Retail. Helping those with technical difficulties ranging from software malfunctions, usage related questions to hardware related issues, such as cracked displays. I am able to create a friendly environment, while providing the highest level of customer service that Apple is known to provide to its customers. In this role I have learned lot in regards to; dealing with ambiguity, being customer focused, taking action before it is needed and really learning on the fly. The fast pace of the store helps me to adapt to store needs quickly, and pushes me to help customers fast and efficiently.

Product Specialist                                                       Apple Store State Street                  Santa Barbara, CA

October 2014-June 2016

Retail Position at the Apple Store on State Street, Santa Barbara. Provided excellent customer service to those looking to purchase Apple products including; iPhones, iPads, Macs, etc. Also provide technical assistance to those with questions about their purchases, teaching them with hands on experience. Have gone through extensive customer training in order to provide the best customer service in the industry.

Gear Specialist                                         Santa Barbara Fitness Tours                              Santa Barbara, CA

August 2014-November 2014

Provided customer service to those looking to rent Stand Up Paddle Boards, Kayaks, Surfboards and Road/Mountain Bikes. Also worked as an instructor/guide teaching people how to Stand Up Paddle Board, Surf and Mountain/Road bike in a very hands off way. Allowing them to learn by doing, I would act as a friend instead of an instructor. Quickly moved into the bike shop to help with bike maintenance as well as administrative duty for those booking reservations with clients, arranging group outings for businesses, etc.

Art Director Intern                               Butler, Shine, Stern and Partners                                   Sausalito, CA

September 2013-August 2014                    

Art Director intern for Butler Shine Stern and Partners. Jobs included, facilitating and organizing submissions to many award shows, generating storyboards for various advertisements using Adobe InDesign, generating compositions for advertisements based on descriptions with Adobe Photoshop, concepting ideas for new products, creating powerpoint templates for client presentations, consulting on styles and different executions of advertisements as well as helping other art directors with various projects and providing input. I was put in charge of the rebranding for the charity Roots of Peace which included a full website overhaul. I have also been put in charge of social media posts for Zico coconut water on both Facebook and Instagram, which have amassed hundreds of likes each.